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Walking & Cycling in Duffield - Results of consultation

The walking and cycling discussion document below was open for comment during February to April 2022. The comments received have been incorporated within this Vision document, mainly on pages 8 to 13, but also in boxes added to other slides.

In 2021 Duffield Parish Council drafted an Action Plan for the years up to 2025. 273 residents responded and the plan was published in final form in 2021. The process showed strong support for walking and less, but still considerable, support for cycling.

The survey also identified two wider problems that could be reduced if there was an increase in walking and cycling.

  • A shortage of parking near the village centre
  • Congestion and heavy traffic near the schools at the start and end of the day

This document follows up on the Action Plan by providing some ideas that could make walking and cycling in the village more popular. Responsibility in this area generally rests with Derbyshire County Council, so there are no guarantees that any of this will be done. Nevertheless there is some merit in the village debating the issues and developing ideas for the future, because the chance of action will be improved if we can agree what we want.