Upcoming Road Closures in Duffield

Upcoming Road Closures in Duffield

There are a number of roads set to be closed in Duffield over the bank holiday weekend, as residents celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with street parties.

Also, the Parish Council has been informed of road closures relating to water mains works affecting King Street/Hazelwood Road from 7th June, and the closure of Town Street for the Duffield Carnival on the 25th June.

Below is a full list of the road closures provided to us to date, along with dates and times:

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Saturday 4th June

St Alkmund's Way - from its junction with Vicarage Lane for the whole length of the road – between 11.30 am and 8.00 pm

St Alkmund's Close - from its junction with Vicarage Lane for the whole length of the road – between 11.30 am and 8.00 pm

Vicarage Lane -from its junction with St Alkmunds Way to outside Castle Hill House – between 11.30 am and 8.00 pm

Sunday 5th June

Avenue Road - between junction with Chadfield Rd, and junction with Lime Avenue: between 1pm – 9pm

Castle Hill - between junction with Vicarage Lane to house no 30, close to junction with Hazelwood Road: between 12 – 6pm

Lime Avenue – whole road: between 1pm – 9pm

Service Road, Broadway, Duffield - from outside house number 59 to outside house number 69 for a distance of 80 metres or thereabouts: between 2.00 pm and 9.00 pm

Other road closures

Water mains installation works - King Street / Hazelwood Road: - from the junction with Castle Hill for a distance of 55 metres in a north westerly direction: between 7th June 2022 to 9th June 2022. Diversion is in place; road may re-open sooner than advertised, when work is complete.

Carnival - Town Street: - from its junction with King Street to a point approximately 345 metres south of its junction with King Street: between 1pm – 1:45pm, 25th June 2022.

Should we be advised of any other related road closures we will add them to this post, so do check back closer to the time.

Posted: Wed, 25 May 2022 14:26 by Jackie Clements

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