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Snake Lane Weir Fish Pass Project - find out more

Snake Lane Weir Fish Pass Project - find out more

The Parish Council has recently approved a S137 Community Grant for an interpretation board which will provide information about the Snake Lane Weir 'Fish Pass Project', an initiative that aims to bring wild salmon back into the heart of Derbyshire for the first time in over a century.

The weir at Snake Lane on the River Ecclesbourne will be replaced by a series of stone rapids, making miles of good breeding habitat accessible to salmon, which have been returning via the Rivers Trent and Derwent in recent years.

The project, a partnership between the Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency and local landowners, builds on much hard work that has taken place to re-open our rivers to migratory fish, lost when migration routes were blocked with weirs following the Industrial Revolution. On the River Derwent, fish passes built in 2012-13 at Borrowash and Darley Abbey have allowed salmon to reach the river upstream of Derby and breed successfully. Salmon returning all the way from their ocean feeding grounds off Greenland now enter the River Ecclesbourne and swim through Duffield – but only as far as the formidable barrier presented by Snake Lane weir.

This short film by wildlife cameraman Jack Perks provides a great introduction to the project: www.wildtrout.org/news/river-ecclesbourne-derbyshire

This storyboard gives more detail on the background to the project: https://bit.ly/3xOqIjb

When will this happen?

Preparation work will take place in January and February 2022 with the coppicing of around thirty trees along the river banks upstream of the weir. The construction works on the weir will take place in summer 2022 and take 8 – 12 weeks to complete, depending on the weather and river levels.

To find out more information, see the article below written by Dr Tim Jacklin, Project Manager for the Wild Trout Trust.

Posted: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 13:58 by Jackie Clements

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