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ASB update

ASB Update

Following a meeting of the ASB steering group the Parish Council asked the amber valley multi agency youth team to do some detached observation work in Duffield. This is their report:

Belper and Ripley South MAT youth work team - Duffield detached youth work – Friday 5th July 2019 19-00 – 20-00

The mobile youth unit parked at Eyes Meadow car park. Myself and A walked around Eyes Meadow and observed a group of approximately twenty five young people sat on and around a picnic bench located approximately in the middle of Eyes Meadow slightly forward from the circle of pine trees. The group were joined by 12 other young people coming from the direction of the river / Mackeney Road. As the smaller group joined the larger group all of the young people moved and headed towards the area of the river known as pipe bridge located at the far end of the Meadow close to where the football pitches are located. The group were relaxed and fairly calm and kept together.

As this was the first time the youth workers had assessed the area where they young people gather, we chose not to verbally engage with the young people
There was a smell of cannabis, the young people had been smoking cannabis as there was drug paraphernalia on the ground around the picnic table, together with a few empty cans of alcohol.

There was no signs of arson or criminal damage. There was no anti-social behaviour or interaction towards other people in the Meadow.

Regards T

The council will task the Youth Workers to look at the other areas of concern and report back

Posted: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 08:45 by Kath Gruber

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