Duffield Parish Council

Serving the people of Duffield

Duffield Cemetery Lodge

Clerk: Fay Craig
Cemetery Lodge, 43 Hazelwood
Road, Duffield, Belper
Derbyshire DE56 4DQ


Flooding is extremely distressing and the Parish Council can help to advise residents with flooding issues if necessary. Our volunteer Flood Warden, Luke Heaton, has been invaluable in offering advice to local residents and can suggest where to get further help with flooding issues. Contact Luke via the Parish Council, email clerk@duffieldparishcouncil.gov.uk or use our messaging form on this website.

The Environment Agency has further information on their website and we've included some useful links below.

To get early warning of potential flooding in your postcode area, sign up for flood alerts here: https://fwd.environment-agency.gov.uk/app/olr/home


The Parish Council has a limited supply of (empty) sandbags available to local residents, which can be obtained from Duffield Cemetery on Hazelwood Road if needed.

For the EA's advice guide on obtaining and using sandbags, click here.

Riparian Ownership - your responsibilities

If you own land or property next to a river, stream or ditch you are a 'riparian landowner'. This means you have certain responsibilities, which are explained in detail in an Environment Agency guide. Click here to read it.