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Duffield Photography Competition

Photography Competition Winners

Our thanks to everyone who entered our Photography Competition.

There were over 100 entries, all of a high standard. Our judges, professional photographer Ashley Franklin along with Councillors Yvonne Greenwood and Jim Grieveson, had a difficult task to choose the winners. Read on to see the entries selected to be the overall winners alongside the Highly Commended and Commended awards.

Huge thanks go to Ashley for agreeing to be a judge in the competition and for the time and care he took in considering all of the entries. Three of the winning images - including Sharon Jackson's winning and highly commended images, and Robert Reid's highly commended image – will feature in Ashley's Duffield Calendar 2022.

Congratulations to all the winners.

To see the images at a larger size, view the presentation PDF below.


Overall Winner - Sharon Jackson with her photo of a misty morning on the Ecclesbourne Meadow field beside Gray Recreation ground, Feb 2020.

Ashley Franklin commented 'Any early morning Duffield dog walker will relate to this picture. I relate to it as a photographer, too, because mist softens a landscape and smooths over lots of distractions, producing simple, beautiful, atmospheric images like this. There's a hint of lovely colour in the sky, too and the dog and walker are perfectly placed in the frame.'


Overall winner - Aidan Crowson with his photo, "Spring Glow" taken 21 April 2020 on a farm track at the top of Cumberhills.

Ashley Franklin comments: 'This is such an attractive, verdant scene that invites one in, the prominent track leading us towards a splendid, spreading tree with a smaller single tree right in the middle distance. Beyond that gate is gorgeous spring backlighting. An image that makes you glad to be alive – and in Duffield!'


Overall Winner - India Brentnall with her photo of St Alkmund's Church in the snow.

Ashley said: 'I like the fact that the footprints lead us towards that pleasingly familiar sight of St Alkmund's Church sat in that copse of trees. We even have a temporary lake on the right of the image!'


There were four Highly Commended certificates awarded in the adult category:

Keely Jennings with her photo taken on an early morning walk in Eyes Meadow.

Ashley comments: 'Many Duffield residents will be aware of this pleasing verdant scene which Keely has captured so well in ideal blue sky conditions. She has also provided a welcome green base to the image, caught the curve of the river, and ensured she included that long, slender tree trunk with its prominent V-shape. An image of quiet, pastoral tranquility.'

Sharon Jackson (also winner) with her photo of autumn colours at the Chevin Golf Club, October 2020.

Ashley comments: 'Sharon has made us aware that the Chevin Golf Club is such a scenic course, an appealing mixture of parkland and moorland with undulating, varying fairways lined by multifarious trees. Better still, Sharon has captured the course in the heart of autumn where, in the words of writer Horatio Clare, there are 'more colours than there are names for.' I also love the long shadows sweeping across the green, and the golf trolley in front of a bunker gives us even more of a sense of place.'

Robert Reid – with photo "taken on 23 October 2020 during a restorative local walk on the Chevin. The picture was taken between Hazelwood Hall Farm and Courthouse Farm and I guess represents the spirit summed up by 'Carry on and keep walking!'"

Ashley Franklin comments: 'It's refreshing to see a landscape captured in a portrait format, allowing Robert to include the warm colours of that dominant tree which stands out so well. I also love the clump of clouds that recede the further we look into the scene, and the way the tall shadows lead us down the footpath and towards the autumnal trees. This is an image that would encourage anyone to go on a restorative walk!''

Sue Swain: with photo: "Rooted in ice and snow - Taken in January from the Makeney Road of a tree in the meadow on the A6 while the snow was falling."

Ashley Franklin comments: 'I'm not surprised to see this extraordinary scene as I captured it myself! Like me, Sue noticed the striking abstract shapes of the frozen water which the fall of snow had revealed. The scene is nicely augmented by the presence of that tree, the diffused background and the flakes of falling snow.'

See the four photos below.


There were two Highly Commended certificate winners:

Aidan Crowson (also winner) with photo: Purple Blooms – taken in woods at the top of Bunkers Hill.

Ashley Franklin comments: 'This is all about light and shadows intensifying a scene. It would have made for a pleasant enough picture with just that carpet of bluebells but the evening sun has lit up the hillside beautifully. I love the bright, dancing leaves just as much as the dotted colour provided by the bluebells.'

Arthur Spilsbury – With photo taken from the middle path on the Chevin showing sun rays and tree silhouettes in the valley below.

Ashley Franklin comments: 'Many walkers along The Chevin will know this scene, which has been greatly enhanced by the sun bursting through, lighting up the hillside beyond and giving a real presence to that line of trees. A picture radiating atmosphere.'


10 entries in the adult category were awarded 'commended' certificates.

They were:

Sara Steventon – 'Autumn walk at Chevin Golf Course', and 'View of Duffield from the Chevin'

Sharon Jackson – Key worker tribute at Wirksworth Rd corner

Delyth Preston - A snowy scene

Christopher Thorp – Duffield Cemetery

Marie Clifford – Banks of the River Derwent, and Sheep on Duffield Bank

Debra Coope – Duffield Hall in snow

Sue Swain – ''Duffield Church after a snowstorm", and "Gates to nowhere"

See their photos below.


There was one Commended Certificate awarded, to Elspeth Sibthorp Quarmby for her picture of a snowy sunrise in Duffield.