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"Duffield through the Seasons" Community/Charity Calendar 2023 - Submit your photos now

Calling local photographers! We recently announced that the Parish Council will put together a calendar for 2023 after Milford-based professional photographer Ashley Franklin, who has produced a Duffield calendar for a number of years, decided to hand over the reins.

The next calendar will be available in October and we want to make it a calendar for the community, with local residents' photos taken in and around the village. Any profits made after production costs will be donated to local charities (to be decided).

We are looking for your images representing "Duffield through the Seasons". From snowy landscapes to summer carnival scenes, we can't wait to see your photos, and there will be plenty of time to submit them. The closing date is July 15th 2022. Up to 5 photos can be submitted and photos should ideally be landscape format or be capable of being cropped to fit the format of the calendar. Photos taken from most digital cameras and devices, from DSLRs to mobile phones, can be entered (make sure that the camera is set to 'fine quality' or 'highest resolution' mode).

Everyone who has a photo chosen for the calendar will receive two FREE copies.

Ashley Franklin and Councillors Yvonne Greenwood and Jim Grieveson from Duffield Parish Council will be choosing which entries to consider for the calendar.

To submit your photos click the link below.