Duffield Parish Council

Serving the people of Duffield

Duffield Cemetery Lodge

Clerk: Jane Terry
Cemetery Lodge, Duffield
Cemetery, 43 Hazelwood Road
Duffield, Belper, Derbyshire
DE56 4DQ

Covid-19 - information for residents

Duffield Parish Council changes

The unprecedented Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak has meant changes have had to be made to Parish Council and other local activities and we hope that the following information will prove helpful.

The Parish Council office at Duffield Cemetery is open, however due to Covid advice, staff may be working from home some of the time. To contact the Parish Council when the office is closed, call the Parish Clerk, Jane Terry on 07719 103015 or email clerk@duffieldparishcouncil.gov.uk. For all Cemetery enquiries, email assistantclerk@duffieldparishcouncil.gov.uk or call 07514 871801.

Please note that our Village Warden and Groundsman are working as normal.

Council Meetings:

Council meetings are reverting back to in-person meetings from June. They will be held in the Weston Centre (Full Council Meetings) or in the Cemetery Offices (Committee meetings).