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Latest News

20mph campaign in Duffield - Volunteers needed!

20mph campaign in Duffield - Volunteers needed!

Posted: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 11:12 by Jackie Clements

This year's Village Action Plan survey found that 80% of Duffield residents who responded would like to see 20 mph limits on at least some residential streets in the village. 20 mph limits are common across the UK, and indeed Darley Abbey has 20 mph limits. For us in Duffield they will be more difficult because Derbyshire County Council (DCC) has strict criteria before they can be installed, including the need for 6 injury accidents per kilometre of road in the previous 3 years. Only the A6 in Duffield meets that criterion, and 20mph limits aren't possible for a major road of that type. More »

A campaign is starting to try to persuade DCC to change its policy, and in particular to take greater account of the views of residents. 20 mph limits encourage eco-friendly walking and cycling, they cut noise and unhealthy pollution, and they allow greater independence for children and older people. They produce significant gains in lifestyle and though they initially seem very slow after getting used to 30 mph, they would not in reality greatly change journey times around the village.

Changing DCC policies could involve a long campaign. The Parish Council resolved to support the national 20's Plenty campaign at its Council Meeting on 31st March 2021 and also intends to link with Derbyshire environmental organisations to show that this is not a Duffield-only concern. An early action could be to try to raise a petition of 7500 people, the threshold for a full debate by DCC.

If we can change DCC policy, a further step would be to decide where they might be useful in the village.

There will be lots of things to organise, but it should be enjoyable and fulfilling. If you are prepared to join a group to fight for 20 mph limits, please contact John Shoesmith at j.shoesmith@duffieldparishcouncil.gov.uk » Less

New Duffield Community/Charity Calendar for 2023 – local photographers wanted!

New Duffield Community/Charity Calendar for 2023 – local photographers wanted!

Posted: Wed, 08 Dec 2021 16:29 by Jackie Clements

Calling local photographers! Ashley Franklin's Duffield Calendar for 2022 is currently still on sale, but big plans are afoot for the next one – due to be published October 2022.

Ashley Franklin, who produces calendars for both Duffield and Belper, has decided it's time to hand over the reins to someone else and offered the Parish Council the opportunity to take on the Duffield Calendar.

The new calendar will be a calendar for the community with photos taken by you, in and around the village – and any profits made will be donated to a local charity or charities (to be decided). More »

We will be looking for good-quality photography representing "Duffield through the Seasons". From snowy landscapes to summer carnival scenes, we can't wait to see your photos, and there will be plenty of time to submit them. Every photographer who has a photo chosen for the calendar will receive two FREE copies.

Ashley Franklin and Councillors Yvonne Greenwood and Jim Grieveson from Duffield Parish Council will be choosing which entries to consider for the calendar. There will be more information about the format of the photos and where to send them in the new year when the competition opens, so check again soon for more info. » Less

Snake Lane Weir Fish Pass Project - find out more

Snake Lane Weir Fish Pass Project - find out more

Posted: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 13:58 by Jackie Clements

The Parish Council has recently approved a S137 Community Grant for an interpretation board which will provide information about the Snake Lane Weir 'Fish Pass Project', an initiative that aims to bring wild salmon back into the heart of Derbyshire for the first time in over a century.

The weir at Snake Lane on the River Ecclesbourne will be replaced by a series of stone rapids, making miles of good breeding habitat accessible to salmon, which have been returning via the Rivers Trent and Derwent in recent years. More »

The project, a partnership between the Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency and local landowners, builds on much hard work that has taken place to re-open our rivers to migratory fish, lost when migration routes were blocked with weirs following the Industrial Revolution. On the River Derwent, fish passes built in 2012-13 at Borrowash and Darley Abbey have allowed salmon to reach the river upstream of Derby and breed successfully. Salmon returning all the way from their ocean feeding grounds off Greenland now enter the River Ecclesbourne and swim through Duffield – but only as far as the formidable barrier presented by Snake Lane weir.

This short film by wildlife cameraman Jack Perks provides a great introduction to the project: www.wildtrout.org/news/river-ecclesbourne-derbyshire

This storyboard gives more detail on the background to the project: https://bit.ly/3xOqIjb

When will this happen?

Preparation work will take place in January and February 2022 with the coppicing of around thirty trees along the river banks upstream of the weir. The construction works on the weir will take place in summer 2022 and take 8 – 12 weeks to complete, depending on the weather and river levels.

To find out more information, see the article below written by Dr Tim Jacklin, Project Manager for the Wild Trout Trust. » Less