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    Gray Recreation Ground

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Latest News

Planning meeting 27th July re: planning application AVA/2019/1205 - Duffield Bank

Posted: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 15:37 by Jackie Clements

Planning Application AVA/2019/1205 - Duffield
Bank Cottage Duffield Bank Duffield

Amber Valley Borough Council Planning Board will be holding a meeting on 27 July remotely via Zoom, which will cover the above planning application.

The Planning Board will commence at 7.00 pm, when the proceedings will available to view on the Council's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCboVeHfv4Vp9sbkUj_3kG4w . More »

Public speaking is and remains at the discretion of the Chairman of the Planning Board, but if you would like the opportunity to address the Planning Board for up to 3 minutes via Zoom, please register your interest to speak beforehand by email to planningboardspeakers@ambervalley.gov.uk by 12 noon on 23rd July 2020. You will also need to provide a transcript of your speech by email in advance of the meeting, which will be read out on your behalf by an officer should there be technical difficulties in connecting you to the meeting at the appropriate time. » Less

Jan Thompson co-opted as new Parish Councillor

Jan Thompson co-opted as new Parish Councillor

Posted: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 15:01 by Jackie Clements

Jan Thompson has been co-opted as the new Parish Councillor at the most recent Full Council meeting in July.

Jan's late husband, Colin Thompson, was the previous Council Chairman.

Jan has lived in Duffield for 30 years and worked in several primary schools in Derby and Derbyshire as a teacher. Her sons attended Duffield Meadows and Ecclesbourne schools and both Jan and Colin were previously Parish Councillors between 1994-98. More »

Jan's interests include a lifelong love of travel, enjoying wildlife and reading and discussing novels at book groups. Jan is an active member of the U3A in Belper.

As the Council is at recess in August, Jan's first Full Council meeting will be in September, Jan will join the Strategic Development Committee and be part of the Village Action Plan Working Groups: Supporting Vulnerable Residents and Community & Culture.

Jan said "I am very pleased to have been co-opted as a Parish Councillor and I am looking forward to getting started in September." » Less

Village resident provides skip to help with large increase of litter at Eyes Meadow

Village resident provides skip to help with large increase of litter at Eyes Meadow

Posted: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 13:15 by Jackie Clements

A skip has been placed at Eyes Meadow to help with the increased volume of litter, thanks to local resident Justin Fellows.

Justin, of Little Eaton company Spirit Medical, has provided the skip, in partnership with Wards Skip and Recycling Company, free of charge to the Parish Council, so that visitors to the Meadow have somewhere to leave their picnic waste when the bins are full. Litter has been a huge problem in recent months, owing to increased numbers using the Meadow for recreation and to meet up with friends. More »

The skip will be provided throughout the summer, emptied and replaced by Ward, and is covered to avoid pests and fly tipping - please deposit rubbish by using the front 'door' as seen on the picture, and close it after use.

The skip can also be used by Duffield's many voluntary litter pickers who find the bins are full and we are very grateful to those villagers who continue to tidy up after others.

Justin said "I am very glad to be able to offer the help to the village. Eyes Meadow is an important space for all of us to keep the way we want it to look." » Less